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Discipline & Standards

1. Parents should monitor their children’s behavior when needed.  Appropriate disciplinary measures should be taken privately.
    Uncooperative or disruptive children will be removed from activities.

2. Children should respect authorities.

3. For minor infractions, the child will be given a verbal warning, and a written note will be given to the parent.

4. In cases of more serious disciplinary issues, the following should be considered standard procedure:

           a. Child will be given a verbal warning by the instructor, and parent will receive written notice. 

           b. If unacceptable behavior continues, the child will be taken to his/her parent for the rest of the day. 

           c. If this behavior continues in class the student may be dismissed from class and may be withdrawn from the co-op and no fees will
               be refunded.  Any other participation in future co-ops will be for a probationary period.  The Black Hills Homeschool Co-op reserves
               the right to expel any student from the co-op, if disruptive behavior fails to be curtailed.

           d. Parents need to be willing to allow the instructors to discipline their children according to the procedures outlined above and must be
               willing to abide by the instructor’s decision to dismiss their children from the class if the instructor deems it necessary.

  5.   Each child attending the co-op must be accompanied by a parent who must remain on site for the entire time.