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As homeschool parents, we feel that God has called and enabled us to homeschool our children.  We feel that cooperatively we can provide enrichment opportunities that may not be possible on our own.

Co-op classes are open to families whose oldest participating child is at least six years old AND in the first grade by September 1.  Nursery, preschool and kindergarten classes are provided for younger siblings only. We are unable to accommodate children our member families babysit.

Primary and Secondary classes are broken up into three 55 minute blocks.  Parents are required to serve two periods in one of the following areas:  lead teacher, co-teacher, teacher’s assistant, nursery, floater or misc.  The Leadership Team will assign you a volunteer position if/when you are not teaching or in an administrative role. These positions will be given to you with your child’s class schedule.  Parents/volunteers are given the other hour for personal time—but must remain on the church premises at all times.  Since we are a true co-op and not a drop off educational program, a child may not participate in the co-op unless his/her parent is on site. You must choose to sign up for all 3 class periods offered in order to participate in the co-op.

The ONLY exception to this policy is for teens with a job who want to be involved.  The parent needs to be willing to work the entire co-op time, even though the teenager is not there the whole time.

All classes offered are supplemental to what is being taught in the home and are meant for enrichment purposes only.  The classes offered may vary from term to term and are determined by the willingness of group members to lead.  However, we may have people who volunteer their time and talents teaching classes who are not co-op members.


Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

Parent Responsibilities

  1. Respect and encourage adherence to all guidelines (we are all hall monitors and traffic/noise controllers).
  2. Arrive ten minutes early.  Please note that classes are scheduled to start at 9:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., and 11:00 a.m. Please be in your assigned classroom 10 minutes before first hour begins and at least 5 minutes before second and third hour classes begin.  You need to arrive before the children in order to be prepared for them.
  3. If you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to call a member of the Leadership Team as soon as possible.  If you are a teacher’s assistant, also call the teacher with whom you work.
  4. Remain on site AT ALL TIMES.
  5. Be willing to adhere to the Conflict and Discipline policies.
  6. All classrooms need to be tidy and in order before the next class begins and when it ends (this makes the first part easier).

**Parents will be required to sign a Parent Agreement

Student Responsibilities

“Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”  1 Timothy 4:12

  1. Maintain a six-inch personal space boundary between self and members of the opposite gender.  This means all hugging, hand-holding, linking of arms, etc. should be reserved for outside co-op.
  2. Adhere to the dress code.
  3. Be on time.
  4. Be prepared.  Bring supplies, books, and homework.
  5. Be quiet in the halls between classes—absolutely no yelling or running.
  6. Be respectful of others and their property.

Remember that we are guests in the building.  If we don’t adhere to these guidelines and conduct ourselves appropriately, we may not be invited back.

Click on the following links to read our other policies:

Thank you for abiding by these policies so that everyone may be able to enjoy this experience with as little disruption as possible.