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BHHC Statement of Child Safety

At BHHC, we take great care to make sure your child is safe during your time with us. It is our intent to provide a safe and creative environment to foster the growth of each child during these developmental years.   However, we understand the fallen world we live in and we are attempting to be “…wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Matt. 10:16 To this end, we strive to always have two adults in one room with children, especially with nursery, preschool and early elementary ages.  Our system of checks and balances relies heavily upon your full participation and alertness during the entire time you attend co-op. For example, if you see children unattended in the church or in the parking lot, please bring it to the attention of one of the leaders at the info table or talk to the children yourself. Also, our leadership team, consisting of at least three members, ensures that at least one leader per hour is available to observe classes and to supervise hallways and common areas.

As a parent, you can partner with us to help guard your child’s safety in the following ways:

  • Discuss common safety concepts with your child before co-op begins.  Explain the areas of the church where the child is and is not permitted and where you expect him to be during each hour and during lunch break.
  • Discuss things such as running in the halls, horseplay with friends and leaving the building without an adult or with someone your child does not know.
  • Explain to the child what he should do if he encounters a stranger or feels threatened or scared. Be sure to tell him where the info table is and where the teachers and leaders can be easily found.
  • Don’t forget nametags!  Explain to your child that he must be wearing his nametag the entire time so he can be easily identified as a member of co-op.  And, conversely, our nametags will help him know which adults belong to our group.

While these precautions are likely unnecessary, we believe that early education of children regarding their own personal safety may help prevent them from having bad experiences in the future.   It is our prayer that all of our precious children will be safe and happy during our time together.  Please partner with us in prayer and in educating your child towards this end.